Welcome to the Pride Gallery Page. Here we offer you some Carolina Panthers and Panthers Pride specific stuff for your desktop and computer.

You may have noticed little items all over the site called widgets (The Clock at Left is one example). These gadgets are downloadable and customizable too. Simply click on this link and you will be taken to the "Widgets" web site where you can read and learn about them. There are over 21,000 on line and available for download.

We're also offering desktop wallpaper for download that you can place on your desktop. We invite you to make suggestions and even ask for customized graphicss of your favorite players. If you want you can also order customized graphics. You can ask for a theme or provide your own graphics. We'll do the graphic manipulations.

To download the two desktop wallpapers at right, first click on the graphic and then right click and save the full size picture. The default size for these pieces is 1024 X 768. To fit the graphic into your monitor click "stretch" when installing if it is available.

We have no way of knowing what is or is not royalty free, se we cannot legally charge for any artwork. We will ask only a very nominal fee to help defray the time and cost of whatever work goes into creating your custom artwork.

We're also providing a few old favorite games for your entertainment. The instructions on the initial screen. We hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to download them for yourself once you have gotten the "Widgets" program.

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